Higher Ed Opportunity Ahead

Bylaw Change, Conference on the Horizon

If change is good, NSEA’s Higher Education Academy is in a very good position.

There are a number of positive developments that will affect higher education locals and members across the state. For instance:

  • A proposed change to NSEA Bylaws will be considered at Delegate Assembly on April 28. The plan would give the Higher Education representative on NSEA’s Board of Directors full voting rights. The Higher Education rep now has ex officio status.
  • At Delegate Assembly on Friday, April 27, energies will be devoted to professional development. Participants need not be a delegate. One session is set aside exclusively for Higher Education Academy members. NSEA Director of Research Larry Scherer is accepting discussion ideas. Academy activities, state budget cuts and freedom of speech issues will be discussed.

The second day of the Delegate Assembly will include the Bylaws vote and other issues. Given the importance of the vote on the Bylaw changes, the Higher Education team would strongly encourage local associations to elect delegates to DA.

If your local has more than 25 members you are assured of one delegate plus an additional delegate for each 50 additional members, or the greater portion thereof. If your local has 25 or fewer members, your local and individual members can send someone to DA as a “cluster delegate.”  Each NSEA Governance District is allocated delegates for each 50 members of locals of 25 or less. For more details on delegate selection go to:

If you need assistance with delegate elections, please call Julie Wolf or Joan Sparks at 1-800-742-0047.  NSEA covers mileage and half the cost of lodging. Some locals pick up some other expenses.  Also consider these upcoming events:

  • The Higher Education Academy summer conference will be June 8-9 at NSEA headquarters. Contact Higher Education Academy President Andrew Lenzen for details at lenasoga98@yahoo.com.
  • Community college bargaining for 2018-19 is all but wrapped for Metro, Northeast and Mid-Plains community colleges. It appears that all settled at or above 3 percent. Southeast Community College Professional Staff are still negotiating. State college and University of Nebraska at Kearney bargaining begins this spring for the 2019-21 biennium.

If you have questions, call Scherer at 1-800-742-0047, or email him at: larry.scherer@nsea.org