Health Resources at Your Fingertips

EHA Population Health Plan Gives Fast, Easy Access to BCBS Health Care Aid

You play a key role in helping students gain the knowledge they need to live a happy and healthy life. Part of living a happy and healthy life yourself includes making the most of your health insurance coverage.  

It can be a challenge to know where to go when you need care or help reaching your health goals. With the Educators Health Alliance (EHA) Population Health program from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE), personalized support is a few quick clicks away.

EHA Population Health provides members with access to a nurse health coach, who offers one-on-one support through Wellframe, a mobile app. Your health coach works with you to create a care plan that takes your specific plan benefits and costs into account. The program can help you:

  • Lower health risks;
  • Navigate the health care system;
  • Meet your health and wellness goals.

Several personalized care programs, such as diabetes support, health coaching and pregnancy care, are available to assist in navigating your specific needs. As a part of these programs, you get a variety of tools and resources to balance your well-being, including medication reminders, an activity tracker, daily to-dos and more.

Take it From Another Member

An EHA member who needed help managing their diabetes participated in the program and shared their story of working with Kelly, a BCBSNE nurse health coach.

When the member was at risk for complications, such as cardiovascular disease and nerve damage stemming from diabetes, they worked with Kelly to improve their health.

The member cut back on carbs, began walking more and tracked their blood sugars and medication through the app, so Kelly could assist in managing their condition by monitoring their health, answering questions and providing patient-specific educational materials.

Since participating in EHA Population Health, the member has successfully lowered their risk of complications and reports feeling better. They had kind words for Kelly:

“You are truly a caring person,” the member said. “You take care of my mental health and other health, too. I have had my head in this game of life thanks to you, and I feel that I’m doing well right now. So, thank you. Bug me all you want — I always treasure what you have to say.”

Want to learn how the program can help you? Call 1-877-721-2583, or visit:

NSEA Founded Plan

The Educators Health Alliance manages the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska health care plans that serve all but four Nebraska K-12 school districts. The health care plans grew out of an arrangement NSEA first secured with BCBSNE in the late 1950s.

Today, the EHA Board of Directors includes six NSEA representatives, and three each from the Nebraska Council of School Administrators and the Nebraska Association of School Boards. NSEA Associate Executive Director and Comptroller Sheri Jablonski chairs the EHA Board of Directors.

Wellframe is an independent company that provides mobile enabled care management services for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Wellframe is responsible for its services.