Getting Message to Members is Key

NSEA Has Lengthy History of Effective Communication with Members

In an era of mobile device dominance, cutting through the clutter and clatter to get a message delivered is no easy task.

Yet that is exactly what NSEA does: offer quality communication to members on issues of educational importance, and to all Nebraskans in an ongoing effort to build understanding and support for public education.

This fall, NSEA will launch a series of new television commercials, filmed in Central City and Omaha. The commercials let the public know the success stories in Nebraska public schools. An ongoing NSEA campaign on the airwaves of Nebraska commercial radio stations will follow a similar theme.

NSEA has also launched a hashtag for members and public alike — #NSEAisKey — to promote news about NSEA and public schools.

Communication with dues-paying members is just as important. Since 1872, NSEA has published and delivered a magazine to members with the latest Association news, education trends, professional development news and other items of interest to educators.

NSEA is among the most active of all state associations on social media (see below). A newly designed website features easier navigation and easier to find items of interest.

Finally, if your local association has a need to communicate with members, with administration, the public or other interest groups, just call NSEA at 1-800-742-0047.

NSEA Social Media Presence is Robust

Outreach Efforts Stand on Firm Foundation

In 1995, NSEA became the very first state education association to launch a website.

Since that effort, NSEA has stayed on top of the surging social media tsunami with an active and prize-winning outreach effort that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media accounts. That effort keeps members and the public informed about education and the good news of public schools.

Also available: a text alert plan that lets educators know when quick action might be needed regarding vital professional deadlines, in legislative matters affecting education, or when other urgencies arise.

NSEA’s social media presence has been recognized each year with awards for excellence from the State Education Association Communicators (SEAC), which represents the work of communications staff at National Education Association state associations across the nation.

NSEA’s continuing outreach efforts stand on the firm foundation of a communications plan that began with NSEA’s first printed publication, The Educational Journal, in 1872. But while today’s NSEA magazine, The Voice, is made available to members only, the Association’s social media efforts are available to readers around the world.

In addition to the social media presence, members can go to the Association website to find and download selected calendar items to personal mobile devices. 

Below you will find the NSEA Social Media Directory:

FACEBOOK - the official Facebook page for the Association

SEANebraska - Student Education Association of Nebraska (SEAN) 

EMACNSEA - NSEA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee

NSEAChildrensFund - Follow and Support the Children's Fund

NSEA-Retired - News from the NSEA-Retired association

NGEN - New Generation of Educators in Nebraska


@nsea_org - the official NSEA account

@nebsean - Student Education Association of Nebraska

@emac_nsea - Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee 

@NGEN_Neb - New Generation of Educators in Nebraska


@nsea_org - Nebraska State Education Association 

@Nebsean - Student Education Association of Nebraska

@ngen.neb - New Generation of Educators in Nebraska

SNAPCHAT - Nebraska State Education Association account: NSEA

nebraska_sean - Student Education Association of Nebraska: SEAN

ngenneb - New Generation of Educators in Nebraska: NGEN



/nseamedia - videos and ads by the Nebraska State Education Association

CALENDAR: - easily add association events to your email or phone calendars. If registration links are available, they will be included in the calendar entry for that event. 

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