Food Banks Get Funding Bump with NSEA, NSEA-Retired Gifts

Families Across State to Benefit from Donations  

Some gifts from NSEA Children’s Fund help Nebraska children and families in the smallest of ways, at the smallest expense. Other gifts are larger in scope, affecting a wide swath of children and families in need.

Such is the case with December action taken by the NSEA Children’s Fund Board of Directors and the NSEA-Retired Board of Directors.

Action by the Children’s Fund board approved a gift of $15,000 to the Food Bank of the Heartland and $10,000 to the Food Bank of Lincoln. The NSEA-Retired Board of Directors approved a gift of $5,000 to the Food Bank of the Heartland.

“Teachers know that there are many children who face food insecurity at home — school is often the only place where these kids can get regular meals,” said NSEA President Jenni Benson. “This year, in particular, it seemed like a good idea to take a bigger step in meeting the needs of kids and families statewide.”

The Food Bank of the Heartland has a statewide reach. The Food Bank of Lincoln has a regional reach in 16 southeast Nebraska counties.

“Border-to-border, there are children and there are families suffering from hunger each and every day,” said Benson. “Reducing food insecurity is absolutely part of the mission of NSEA.”

The large gifts were not the first from NSEA and NSEA-Retired this year.

In April, the Children’s Fund gave $25,000 to the Food Bank of the Heartland, and NSEA-Retired gave $5,000 to the Food Bank of Lincoln.

Since 1994, donations to the Children’s Fund have provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to help children in need. In the past two years alone, the Children’s Fund has provided nearly $100,000 in relief.

Contributions to the NSEA Children’s Fund come from teachers, businesses and fundraisers across the state — and it’s important to note that every penny contributed goes to help children. NSEA picks up all the administrative expenses.

To receive funding to help a student, there is no red tape, no form for teachers to fill out. Simply contact the NSEA at 1-800-742-0047 and ask for Sally Bodtke. Or e-mail her at: