Fighting for YOU this legislative session

Just as your senator has spent the past few months gearing up for the legislative session, so has your professional association. The 107th Nebraska Legislature will convene for its second session on Jan. 5, and the NSEA will be there to press for legislation that will benefit our members.

The NSEA has organized its legislative agenda for 2022. Members and staff will meet with senators to share the stories of our educators and testify on proposed legislation with the goal of supporting Nebraska’s public schools.

The challenges facing the legislature and public education are numerous:

  • calls for banning certain curriculum in classrooms raise concerns about the scope of what may be prohibited and what penalties educators could face if they unknowingly violate such restrictions;
  • the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic raises continuing concerns for health safety in schools and mental wellbeing for both students and staff;
  • school choice groups continue to target Nebraska for implementation of private school tuition vouchers, indirect dollar transfers to private schools and charter school programs; and
  • a decades-old, near-last ranking in state aid to K-12 education remains a big concern. Nebraska ranks 46th in state aid to education and unfairly relies on property taxes for funding.

In response to these challenges, NSEA will focus on legislation designed to recruit and retain qualified educators, because well-trained and well-equipped educators provide professional excellence in our classrooms.

NSEA will push for legislation that expands both the quality and quantity of learning in our public schools, because learning is how we prepare future generations to succeed.

We will fight for the protection of the health – both mental and physical – of students and school staff, and work to help mitigate the financial impacts of COVID-19 and future pandemics.

The important work our members and staff will do in the coming months includes:

  • securing additional funding for behavioral health services, resources and training;
  • increasing state aid to schools;
  • ensuring students and staff have respectful, safe and secure learning and working environments;
  • encouraging programs that recruit and retain qualified educators;
  • maintaining optimal student-teacher class size ratios for effective learning;
  • protecting collective bargaining rights; and
  • overseeing prudent management and funding of the school employee retirement plans.

NSEA’s Government Relations team monitors legislative activities and advocates for the best interests of our members and students. Bills change quickly throughout the session, and NSEA wants to keep you in the loop about how your job as an educator may be affected.

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