Federal Budget Proposal Would Eliminate Professional Development

On March 16, the Trump Administration released its “skinny budget” with a proposed 13 percent cut to the overall federal education budget which would include a total elimination of Title II, Part A. 

As well-known educator Linda Darling-Hammond noted in an article in the Huffington Post, “the Trump ‘Skinny Budget’ would put educators’ learning on a starvation diet.”

Title II, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is the section of the law that supports educator learning and development.  Within ESSA, among many critical reductions, the $2.4 billion for Title II, Part A, was zeroed out, along with $43 million in Teacher Quality Partnership grants and $190 million for the Striving Readers program, which also support teacher professional development. Meanwhile, the budget expands incentives for school choice by $1.4 billion.  To see what the cuts would mean, see the March 28, 2017, Ed Week blog at:


What can you do?

The folks at Learning Forward are seeking stories that demonstrate the importance of Title II funds in supporting professional learning that supports student results.  Learning Forward is actively working to inform Congress about the critical uses of this funding and to ensure that the President’s proposed elimination of Title II funding is NOT adopted.

To that end, Learning Forward is collecting impact data to share with policymakers.  Specifically, Learning Forward is seeking stories that illustrate what the funding paid for and the resulting change that occurred because of the resources or changes that the funding allowed.  If you have received federal funding for professional development, please share a success story through the survey program at:


We would also urge you to call or email your federal representatives at:

Sen. Ben Sasse:
Email form under the ‘Contact’ tab at www.sasse.senate.gov


Sen. Deb Fischer:
Email form under the ‘Contact’ tab at www.fischer.senate.gov


Rep. Adrian Smith:
Email form under the ‘Contact’ tab at www.adriansmith.house.gov


Rep. Jeff Fortenberry:
Email form under the ‘Contact’ tab at www.fortenberry.house.gov


Rep. Don Bacon:
Email form under the ‘Connect’ tab at www.bacon.house.gov