Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC)

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The Minority and Multicultural Issues Committee (MMIC), now known as the Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC), became a standing committee of the Association in 1979, as part of a plan to increase minority involvement. Originally called the Minority Affairs Committee (MAC), the EMAC Executive Committee consists of a Chair appointed by the NSEA President, a Vice Chair, a Secretary, and two Representatives each from four minority groups: African American; Chicano Hispanic; American Indian and Alaska Native; and Asian and Pacific Islander.

The EMAC Chair serves as an ex-officio member of the NSEA Board of Directors. EMAC is charged by the NSEA Board of Directors with advising and assisting the Board with minority concerns, and compliance with NEA and NSEA goals for minority participation, training and leadership development.

EMAC Bylaws recognize the changing demographics of America's population. By 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts that all Americans will belong to "minority groups" with 25 percent of the population of White/European descent, 25 percent from Hispanic descent, 25 percent from Black American descent, and 25 percent from Asian American descent. In addition, the U.S. population includes a number of Native Americans and increasingly contains many ethnic groups that speak a multitude of languages and come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

As American society becomes increasingly diverse, it is essential that the NSEA promote respect and understanding for our cultural diversity and embraces and constructively manages it.

An understanding of these profound social changes has led to a 2003 restructuring of MMIC and a revision of the committee's Bylaws. That was also the point at which the name was changed from the Multicultural Affairs Committee to MMIC.

Through the Bylaws, the purpose of the Committee has been redefined to reflect our new ethnic diversity. In addition, the relationship of the Committee to the NSEA Board and governance structure was strengthened to reflect NSEA's ongoing commitment to achieve the purposes outlined in this document.

The new structure ensures that there will be an Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee member from each NSEA district. NSEA districts are encouraged to involve members of EMAC in the programs and activities of the District Association. Through with NSEA's revised Minority Involvement Plan, the Association recognizes the role and obligation of every level of the Association, including NSEA districts, in promoting racial and ethnic understanding and involvement.