Communication Breakdown? Call Your NSEA Rep!

You Have the NSEA Edge!

No two days are alike for NSEA’s 18 organizational specialists. The questions they receive from local association leaders, from association building representatives and from members are as varied and different as the Nebraska sunset. For example, this question about a communications breakdown came to an organizational specialist through NSEA’s website recently:

Our administration is keeping important insurance details from us, and is not being open about our insurance deductibles. After several attempts from several members to get facts on this, we are asking for NSEA’s help.

NSEA’s organizational specialists offer a service not provided by any other association. When questions like the one above arise, whether asked by a single member or on behalf of an entire local association, your NSEA organizational specialist is the perfect and only person to answer the question or resolve the issue.

Organizational specialists have expertise in all phases of education. They have knowledge of Nebraska Department of Education rules and regulations, and an understanding of your school district. They know your contract, and in most cases they know your administrators. Confidentiality is standard operating procedure. Clearly, none of those benefits are available from any other association.

In the case of this particular question, your organizational specialist is also well-acquainted with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska health care plan used by all but four Nebraska school districts.

Whatever the question about your employment issues, classroom, bargaining situations or more, know that you can call your organizational specialist in complete confidentiality. Call your NSEA organizational specialist at 1-800-742-0047, or send your question through the ‘Contact Us’ feature of the NSEA website at:

You will draw your answer from years of experience and expertise — expertise that gives you “The NSEA Edge.”