Campaign Picks up Steam in Quest for $150,000

A flurry of activity over the past month — and nearly $1,500 given by members at NSEA’s Delegate Assembly in April — have pushed the #150k4Kids campaign to the halfway mark.

By the end of April, there was $74,000 in the coffers as a result of the year-long drive to put the Children’s Fund on sound footing. NSEA’s six district presidents conceived the drive as a salute to NSEA’s sesquicentennial and as a way to secure financial stability for the Children’s Fund.

Your local Association still has time to complete a quick drive for cash, or to plan an event for next fall that will raise money for the fund. The drive concludes in October, with the formal end to NSEA’s 150th celebration. The Association was founded in October 1867 in Brownville. Donations can also be made via PayPal -- find more information here:

The Children’s Fund benefits children in need of basic items like eyeglasses, winter coats, clothes and more. All a member must do when they see a child in need is to call NSEA at 1-800-742-0047. Assistance is almost immediate, and there is no red tape.

Donations cover most of the cost, but expenses have been steadily rising to the point that the average yearly expenditures top $50,000. NSEA absorbs all overhead costs.

Here is a list of recent substantial drive donors:


  • Aradius Group
  • Bellevue Education Association
  • Crete Education Association
  • Fremont Education Association
  • Grand Island Education Association
  • Gretna Education Association
  • Horace Mann
  • Karen Kilgarin
  • Lux Middle School
  • Millard Ed. Association Cupcake Caucus
  • Nebraska Staff Association
  • Nebraska State Education Assoc. Staff
  • Norby & Wade
  • NSEA Elkhorn District
  • NSEA Retired
  • Papillion-LaVista Education Association
  • UmonHon Nation Ed. Association
  • Union Bank & Trust
  • Waverly Education Association


  • Battle Creek Education Association
  • Bellevue Education Association-Retired
  • Sally Bodtke
  • District OR-1 Education Association
  • EMAC
  • Lincoln Education Association
  • Ellen Ott
  • Rita Price
  • Michelle Raphael
  • Joan Sparks
  • William Umberger


  • First Nebraska Educators Credit Union
  • Nancy Fulton
  • Diane Green
  • Hays Spring Education Association
  • Hickman Presbyterian Church
  • Janice Kriha
  • Millie Lemon
  • Maureen Nickels
  • Deb Rasmussen
  • Gary and Martha Schaffer
  • Carla Schwahn
  • Sidney Education Association
  • Wisner-Pilger Education Association
  • Women of the ELCA Salem-Fontanelle


  • Neil Bateman
  • Sharon Bohling
  • Genene Bowen
  • Neal Clayburn
  • Cindy Copich
  • Ruby Davis
  • Madaline Fennell
  • Fillmore Central Education Association
  • Mary Freel
  • Mary Kay Gibson
  • Giltner Education Association
  • John and Jane Gorman
  • Hastings Public Schools District 18
  • Barbara Howard
  • Sheri Jablonski
  • Lisa and Robert Johnson
  • Knobmasters Cribbage Club
  • Lorrie Krejci
  • Tricia Martis
  • Tamra Mick
  • Ne. Council of School Administrators
  • North Platte Education Association
  • Duane Obermier
  • Panhandle Dist. Cowboy Up Conference
  • Pender Education Association
  • QBE
  • Cathy  Schapmann
  • Larry Scherer
  • Kristen Sedlacek
  • Seward Education Association
  • Student Education Association Nebraska
  • Tekamah-Herman Education Association
  • Wayne State Education Association
  • Westside Education Association
  • Ellen Yates