American Education Week: A Celebration of Educators

‘Observe the Best America has to Offer: Public Education for Every Child’

American Education Week presents every citizen with an opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every student receives a quality education.

For 153 years, your Nebraska State Education Association has been fostering quality education for all. And perhaps not one of those years in the past has been as unsettling and as difficult as 2020. So this year is a perfect year to take a step back and celebrate the hard work of educators at every level.

“Custodians to cooks, secretaries to superintendents, teachers and everyone else in the school setting are working above and beyond to educate our children this year,” said NSEA President Jenni Benson. “There is no better time to observe the very best that America has to offer: public education for all.”

Since 1921, NSEA has celebrated American Education Week along with other educators across the country. American Education Week will be celebrated this year during the week of Nov. 16-20, and will feature a day to honor teachers, parents, education support professionals and substitute teachers.  

As a member of the NSEA, you belong to the parent organization – the National Education Association – that worked to found American Education Week nearly 100 years ago. The NEA has a schedule, artwork, handout cards and more online to assist with your celebrations. Here is the schedule for the week of celebration:

  • Monday, Nov. 16: Kickoff Day. Across the country, schools will celebrate excellence in education by hosting kickoff events and activities.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 17: Parents Day. On this day, schools across the nation traditionally invite parents into the classroom to experience what the day is like for their child.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 18: Education Support Professionals Day: Celebrating the Education Support Professionals who keep schools running and students safe, healthy and ready to learn.
  • Thursday, Nov. 19: Educator for a Day. In any other normal year, community leaders would be invited to experience the day as educators and experience the challenges of teaching and the needs of students, with the guidance of school employees.
  • Friday, Nov. 20: Substitute Educators Day. Substitute educators play a vital role in the maintenance and continuity of daily education. On this day we celebrate their important contributions to education.

For details about American Education Week, each day’s celebration, and for a look at the American Education Week artwork, go to: