Voluntary Separation Agreements

Contact State Senators TODAY and TUESDAY to Keep Cost-Effective Voluntary Separation Agreements & Incentives Outside Budget & Levy Caps


On Tuesday, senators will debate LB512, which would effectively end a school district's ability to provide voluntary separation agreements (VSAs) and incentives for teachers. Currently these agreements are outside budget and levy caps but only if the school district can prove that they save taxpayer dollars.  This current practice is good public policy that is proven to benefit all involved, including Nebraska taxpayers.


Unfortunately, LB512 would effectively eliminate this vital budgetary tool that schools use to reduce costs and save millions in property tax dollars. LB512 removes this tool by making it more difficult for schools to use VSP's to reduce staffing costs through voluntary separation incentives. Having this ability is particularly necessary when a school district is facing a revenue shortfall or a reduction in state aid.


ACTION NEEDED: Please contact state senators to let them know that Voluntary Separation Agreements & Incentives are an important tool used by school districts to reduce staff and, in fact, save both taxpayers and school districts money. URGE senators to support Sen. Burke Harr’s amendment to LB512 permitting Voluntary Separation Agreements for certificated teachers outside of the budget and levy rate lids. Also: urge senators to oppose an amendment that would impose a 5-year phase out of VSAs.


FIND AND EMAIL OR CALL YOUR SENATOR: http://www.nebraskalegislature.gov/senators/senator_find.php