2016-17 Blue Cross Scholarship Application

Professional Development Fund Scholarship Application

This scholarship is available to certificated NSEA members enrolled with single or family membership in Blue Cross/Blue Shield. All fields must be completed for the application to be considered.




Complete with full ID from BC/BS card
Full name, no acronyms accepted
Criteria questions - BE SPECIFIC in your answers.
1. Involvement
Full Local Association name, no acronyms accepted
Categories: Officer, Committee Member (specify Committee), Building Representative or Negotiator – Include years for each.
If member of more than one Local Association, list each Local separately. Note years and what involvement (as noted above).
List level, involvement and note years. (Be specific: District office or Committee, Board Member, Ad Hoc Committee, Delegate Assembly or Representative Assembly. if you participated in an NSEA or NEA sponsored conference or training, also include specific name of event.)
2. Experience
Include dates/locations/classes taught.
3. Education
Include dates/locations/degrees.
4. Course Information (must be a graduate-level class from an accredited university)
Full name, no acronyms accepted
Include course acronym and number. Example: EDU 600
Course Dates
Class must end within applicable time frame
Only eligible for 3 hours per semester