Questions About Your Retirement?

NSEA Organizational Specialists Can Help You Get Started


Are you considering retiring this year? Next year?

Regardless of your target date, you’ll have questions about the process, from district policies to the handling of your state-managed retirement plan. NSEA members often ask those questions of their organizational specialist.


“My circumstances at school this year have changed so I am seriously thinking of retiring in May.  I will be 60 in April and will have 30 years in system.

“First question: By what date do I have to notify the Service Unit of retiring?

“Second question: Can you send me information on health insurance options should I retire. My husband is a farmer who has depended on my health insurance through my work.  Would becoming a lifetime member of NSEA-Retired help me to procure health insurance until we are Medicare eligible?”


NSEA’s 18 organizational specialists know the details of your contract, are familiar with the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems office, which handles your retirement dollars, and understand the retirement process.

NSEA’s field staff are also up-to-date on pending legislation and can respond to questions like this one, which refers to a story that appeared in The Voice:


“Thank you for the article regarding our retirement. I believe it is so important to know which senators are for or against us. I appreciate all that you are doing. I was wondering if you could tell us what the changes in our retirement are that made our plan solvent?”


Often, the question is simple and straightforward.


“Several years ago I attended a day-long retirement seminar. Are these seminars still taking place?”


The answer, of course, is yes. And the NSEA organizational specialist assigned to your school district can answer your question and point you to the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems office for information about those seminars.

Clearly, your membership gives you the NSEA Edge.

NSEA field staff are located from Omaha to Scottsbluff. In case urgent assistance is needed, contact NSEA Headquarters at 1-800-742-0047, where a field staff member is always on duty. In Omaha, call 402-731-0800. In Lincoln, call 402-489-7500.

Or, use the ‘Contact Us’ link on the NSEA website at: