Nurses & Others: Get Added Liability Coverage Through NEA

Nurses who teach or supervise in the medical arts might want to consider NEA’s Educators Employment Liability Insurance.

For $13, NEA provides nurses, other health educators and athletic trainers added liability for teaching and supervisory responsibilities. The policy for active and active part-time NSEA members covers nurses for:

  • Rendering first-aid and regular nurse services as a part of employment.
  • Administering oral prescription medicine to students, if advance written authorization has been provided.

Nurses and eligible school employees include dental hygienists, occupational therapists or physical therapists. NSEA members who are athletic trainers may also buy the coverage.

To obtain coverage, send a letter requesting coverage with a check for $13, payable to NSEA, to: Megan Lyons, NSEA, 605 S. 14th St., Lincoln, NE 68508-2742. Indicate your occupation (school nurse). Include your home and work telephone numbers.

Checks for the 2014-15 school year must be received by Oct. 1, 2014. Checks received after that date will provide coverage for the remaining months of the employment year.

For details, call Megan at 1-800-742-0047.