Loan Forgiveness!

 Legislature Adds Dollars to Loan Forgiveness; You Can Apply Now!


Spread the word – and don’t miss out: the State of Nebraska’s loan forgiveness plan for teachers is a good deal.

The Nebraska Legislature approved LB967, which added $200,000 to the state’s Enhancing Excellence in Teaching Program – loan forgiveness – for the 2014-15 fiscal year. With the added cash, there is $1.2 million available.

NSEA pushed hard for the extra dollars during the legislative session.

The program allows those teachers enrolled in a graduate program to apply on an annual basis for a loan of $175 per credit hour, up to a maximum of $3,000. Applicants can secure loans annually for up to five consecutive years.

Applicants must be employed as a certificated teacher in an approved/accredited school and be enrolled in an approved graduate program at an eligible institution. Applicants must also complete a degree in: a shortage area; curriculum and instruction; a subject area in which a teaching endorsement is already held; or obtain a graduate degree that will result in an additional endorsement which a school administrator believes will be beneficial to the students of the school.

NSEA members are urged to apply for the loan forgiveness program. For details, or to apply, go to this website: