Denver, Here We Come!

NEA’s 2014 Representative Assembly is Close at Hand, Close in Proximity

For more than 100 years, the National Education Association has held an annual meeting.

The Representative Assembly, as it has come to be known, met in Des Moines (1921) and even in Topeka (1886). It will likely never again be any nearer in proximity to Nebraska than it will when delegates gather in Denver in July 2014.

If you’re interested in attending Representative Assembly as a delegate, this would be a great year to do so! It is time to start planning for this event.

NSEA members will elect about 100 delegates to serve among the nearly 8,000 NEA members who will attend RA. All active NSEA members are eligible to serve as a delegate. In addition, there are provisions for student members and retirees to serve.

NSEA’s larger local associations — those with 76 members or more — will hold internal elections to select RA delegates. In all other cases, those who wish to be considered must qualify through one of the categories listed below and file their intent to seek election as a delegate through the NSEA website at:

All members seeking to file as a candidate will need their NSEA membership ID number in order to file. That individualized number can be found on each member’s NSEA Access membership card; above the member’s name on The Voice mailing label; or above the member’s name in the e-mail that delivered the digital issue of The Voice. In all cases, nominations will be posted to the NSEA website within 24 hours of being filed. If you do not see your name on the website list of candidates for delegate by March 6, contact NSEA immediately.

When filing, delegate candidates have the option of completing a 50-word statement that can be reviewed by voters.

Except for NSEA-Retired, the deadline for filing is Saturday, Feb. 15. Questions? Contact NSEA’s Patty Schroer at:

Here are the categories:


At-Large Delegates

Any active NSEA member is eligible to place his or her name on the statewide, At-Large Delegate ballot by filing through the NSEA website. Those elected as statewide delegates will be reimbursed for transportation, lodging and meal expenses. Depending on several factors, four to five of these delegate slots will be available to At-Large candidates.

After certification of election results, elected candidates will receive details about the 2014 RA.

District At-Large RA Cluster Delegates

For the purpose of electing delegates, local associations with fewer than 76 members are grouped in clusters in each of NSEA’s six governance districts (see district map on opposite page). In other words, for instance, all local associations in Elkhorn District with fewer than76 members will pool and vote on a common set of candidates for delegate to RA.

There are approximately 10 openings for Cluster Delegates from the Capitol, Elkhorn and Tri-Valley districts; eight from Metro District; seven from the Sandhills District; three from the Panhandle District. Cluster delegates fund their own Representative Assembly costs.

Members interested in serving as a Cluster Delegate must complete the online filing by the Saturday, Feb. 15, deadline.

SEAN Delegates

Members of Nebraska’s student association (SEAN) elect their NEA representatives to the RA by statewide balloting. SEAN members wishing to file as delegates must complete the online filing process by the Saturday, Feb. 15, deadline.

NSEA-Retired Delegates

Members of Nebraska’s retired affiliate (NSEA-Retired) elect their NEA representatives to the RA by statewide balloting. Members will receive their mail-in ballots in March.

Up to three delegates will be elected at large; one delegate will be elected by the combined retired membership of Capitol, Elkhorn, Panhandle, Sandhills and Tri-Valley Districts; and one delegate will be elected by the retired membership of the Metro District. An individual filing as a district delegate may also file for the at-large delegate position.

Active members of NSEA-Retired wishing to be considered as candidates must complete the form on the NSEA website no later than Feb. 7, 2014. Also required: a biography of no more than 50 words.


Questions? Call your NSEA organizational specialist at 1-800-742-0047.