Children’s Fund: Created to Help Kids

Members Can Request Funding to Aid Kids

Scribbled in a child’s block letters, the selfless note above is the kind that regularly lands in the NSEA mailbox, thanks to the good work of the NSEA Children’s Fund.

Kids across Nebraska have received new coats, clothes, underwear, shoes, eyeglasses, and more, when those items are needed.

Clearly, such testimonials show that the NSEA Children’s Fund makes a difference.

Every NSEA member knows of children in heartbreaking situations: children who wear thin jackets to school in frigid weather because they have nothing else; students who get decent meals only when school is in session; students who can’t see the front of the classroom for lack of proper eyeglasses.

Teachers often use their own cash to help children, knowing they can’t help every child. Thus, NSEA created the Children’s Fund, and continues to work to raise money for that Fund.

Contributions to the Children’s Fund come from teachers and businesses and fundraisers across the state. It’s important to note that every penny goes to children. NSEA picks up all administrative expenses.

There is no red tape, no form for teachers to fill out. Simply contact the NSEA at 1-800-742-0047 and ask for Sally Bodtke. Or e-mail her at: